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State-of-art realtime backend for your apps/games that guarantees under 1ms response time. None of our competitiors can beat us here! Go, check our status page.

99.9% Uptime

The most important target for Gamooga's engineering. We strive day in and out to achieve that 99.9% consistently month on month. So you don't have to.

Highly Scalable

Gamooga's horizontally scalable platform is a perfect partner that can augment your marketing efforts to sustain that huge user spike or the gradual user growth.

Cross Platform

Developing for multiple platforms to target maximum user base? Great, that's our goal too. We currently support HTML/JS, Flash, iOS, Android, Unity3D and Marmalade.

Fully Customizable

Gamooga is not just a message broadcaster, its a message processor too. You can upload your own message processing scripts onto our cluster and fully customize our realtime backend as per your needs.

Instant deployment

Ever experienced those deployment nightmares? We have. So we made it super easy. Your server side scripts are deployed with just one click into an infrastructure thats highly optimized for realtime message processing.

Use Gamooga for...

Turnbased multiplayer

Gamooga can power any kind of turn based games. Its inbuilt lobby and game session management will get you up and running faster. You can also upload your complete move validation and other required scripts into our cloud. Zero server deployment.

Realtime multiplayer

Realtime multiplayer games require very high message transfer rate of the order of 30~60 per second. Gamooga's ultra low latency platform can offer you the required messaging rates very reliably, hence making it the right choice for multiplayer games.

Document/code collaborators

Our messaging backend is a good fit for realtime editing and collaboration solutions. You can create realtime document editors like Google Docs, realtime code editing plugins for major IDEs and even collaborative image editing apps.

E-tutoring apps

Gamooga can also be used to create realtime collborative whiteboard, realtime image sharing, file sharing, user chat etc that are highly useful in e-tutoring and other realtime teaching solutions.

E-meeting solutions

Our backend can also be used to create e-meeting solutions that involve realtime presentation viewing, annotation broadcast, live drawing white boards or second screen experiences.

Group chats

Intend to develop Facebook like chat for your app? With Gamooga, you can easily create realtime group chat solutions with your own join rules, spam controls and messaging limits.

... or just about any application that requires realtime communication.

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We wanted to build our first multiplayer game and were worried about servers and deployment. But with Gamooga, things are very simple. We developed our game, uploaded to Gamooga and everything just worked!

- Rajat Dhariwal, MadRat Games

I am loving Gamooga! Creating realtime multiuser interactions using simple messages with very low latency is fantastic.

- Jez Houghton, Indie developer

We have gone from a single player to multiplayer version of our game in under 4 days. Gamooga, that's awesome!

- Elie Chayya, EduLab

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